Paris Secrets

Paris Bridge

The absolutely only thing to do when it’s cold and raining on a day when you planned to sit in the sun and read,  is make a cafe  latte and  read your newest book on Paris  and dream.        Paris Secrets  by Janelle McCulloch took me  into  “the world’s most bewitching city in all its light, shade, glamour and grandeur”.

And for a brief while this morning I was once again in Paris  meandering arm and arm down streets and through markets with  Beautiful Daughter.  My first visit to Paris and for several magical days we lived in another time, another place.  They say you should visit Paris with your lover.  But, seeing Paris with a daughter is wonderful beyond words.   We will always have Paris.

A phone call from  Simpatico Friend who shares my love for  all things French, the thrill of the hunt for vintage treasures and  exotic and unusual food,  and I am back in our home in the country.  We are going on an  adventure to find our local version of a brocante.  We are going to Value Village in Richmond.   And in Richmond I found  a treasure that when I finish altering it will capture the essence of chateau style.

In Value Village, filled  with unloved clothes and shoes, unwanted ornaments and dishes,  I discovered these tall and  rather church like candlesticks.    I’ll  take my paint magic to them and they will look like they’ve come from another place.    I’ll do that tomorrow.  Now it is time to light the fire and share a glass of wine with Clever Husband.


One thought on “Paris Secrets

  1. Tre Bon mon amie,what a lovely blog and the images are wonderful too! Paris, there is not any other city like it is my utmost favorite City in the world!

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