A Special Spring Break Guest

Her Boy is away on a spring break holiday and Twix has come to stay with us.  She’s a loving, darling soul.  Interested in everything, and enjoying a new place to safely explore.

Twix loves watching Cat TV.  Outside our window the robins are gorging on the worms on our soon to be new lawn.  (When it stops raining it will happen.) Twix lives in a comfortable townhouse, but she is surrounded by buildings so our Cat TV is her favorite channel.

Twix doesn’t like closed doors.  She spends part of her night attempting to open closet doors.  It sounds like we have a ghost or intruder in our home. We have a lot doors and it keeps Twix  busy.   The best part of having Twix as a house guest  – she sleeps with me at night.  On her royal purple wool blanket.

For  years we had two beautiful and loving cats,  Precious Adorable and  Gentleman B Buddy.  They were Farm cats.  And they were related.   Several generations apart but they shared the same Grandmother, Turkey.   Turkey had wonderful, clever  grand-kittens.  Unfortunately, as  is the way of life on a farm a rather clumsy cow stepped on Turkey.  Precious Adorable shared our life for seventeen  years, and  B. Buddy  for twenty years.  They’ve been gone for a while but they will be forever in  our hearts


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