FRENCH HOME by Josephine Ryan is book that “explores the elements that combine to create spaces that have an identifiably French feel”.  Every page is an inspiration, every photograph a joy to behold.

I found this white plaster putti forlorn,  unadorned and unloved.    I used acrylic paint to give it this wonderful, old and weathered look.  I wanted it to look the headless saint in the FRENCH HOME  book.

And the perfect spot for this charming cherub was my very un-bathroom looking bathroom .  He hangs  below lines of poetry by Longfellow.

And he is in good company.  I gold leafed and distressed this white plaster angel shelf found in a florist’s shop.   Gold leafing with this kind of detail requires more than a little experience.  If you would like to try gold leafing start on something simple  – like a picture frame.

The  gold framed mirrors are actually very old picture frames .  I had mirrors cut to fit and now they hang over two sinks.  The wonderful old linen  towels are more thrift shop finds.

This bathroom is my sanctuary.  I can light candles , relax in a spa bath of lavender bubbles and read  my way to another world.


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