What’s not to like about ANY cookbook that Thomas Keller produces.  Granted some of the recipes in THE FRENCH LAUNDRY may be beyond some aspiring cook but the book is a joy to read.   And then along comes AD HOC AT HOME.  A coffee table sized book that has its heart in the kitchen.  Thomas Keller is a good teacher and if you have never cooked any thing more demanding than a boiled egg AD HOC AT HOME will take you by the hand  and lead you into the kitchen.

“This is the uncomplicated Thomas Keller as he’d cook at home – no intricate garnishes, no immersion circulators.  These recipes are meant to be served from big bowls and platters passed hand to hand at the table.”

Thomas Keller takes you step by step through the recipes.  He  not only tells you the how but also the why.

AD HOC AT HOME is page after page of food memories.  Comfort food you forgot you loved.   Read every page.  His section BECOMING A BETTER COOK is a must.   This is information we would  impart  in every one of  BEL’OCCHIO  cooking classes.  This information  will make the difference between a good cook and a great cook.    It doesn’t get much better than this.

I prepared the classic Beef Stock from AD HOC AT HOME.  I did make a small change. I roasted my vegetables with the bones.    Having containers of homemade beef stock in your freezer is like “money in the bank”.  We call it liquid gold.

A signed  menu from THE FRENCH LAUNDRY.  ”  To Virginia  it’s all about finesse  Bon Appetit Thomas Keller”


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