The Time Has Come The Walrus Said To Talk Of Many Things. Of Paper Dolls and Get Well Cards, And dolls and books and kings.

Once upon a time (all good stories begin with once upon a time) a little girl sometimes lived next door to the Country Cottage.   Her hair tumbled down her back and her eyes a sapphire blue, a blue that sparkled with the wisdom and wit of the world.  She loved exploring the magic cupboard filled with treasures of a lifetime.  And, she loved  reading books out loud to me and having me read to her.

But she had the very best time playing paper dolls.   She was my  “new best friend” and I introduced her to cut out dolls.   Of course our dolls needed furniture, dishes, food.   We cut these out of  BRITISH HOME AND GARDEN.  Our dolls had the finest china, the most sumptuous furniture, the best of everything.   She was enthralled with this new world I had introduced her to.  She told me her Mom only had magazines with pictures of women on them.  “I’ve noticed  those magazines don’t have very much inside them”.  My new best friend was 6 years old, wise indeed.  And then my new best friend moved away.

It is said when one door closes another opens.    It is true.  My neighbors moved and now we have new neighbors.  And I have a “new best friend”.    She is older.  She is taller.   She wears seven-league boots and strides around the farm.    Her smile lights up the world.    Summer and we picked blackberries.   At Christmas we made marshmallows and toffee together.   And the other morning very early I opened our front door to be greeted with this handmade card she had created.    Indeed when one door closes another opens.

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