We find treasures on a Sunny Monday

Early yesterday morning my good friend and  fellow thrift shop addict, and I set out for a town about forty minutes drive from our village.   We were going to check out two very large thrift shops, the Salvation Army Good Will Store and Value Village.  We weren’t disappointed.   Two pairs of knowledgeable eyes scanning the racks and shelves turned up countless treasures.  We actually  had to walk away from some of the finds.    Together we discovered:  three exquisite crystal glasses made in Scotland $3,  a pair of Ralph Lauren queen sized sheets with a vintage cabbage rose design $5, brand new 100 percent linen tea towel in candy strips, a never worn raw silk Thai tunic, a silk chiffon Indian scarf,  and a classic green crystal vase.

Value Village had a shimmering array of Indian sari fabrics and evening and bridal gowns.  We exclaimed over and considered for a while a vintage 40’s coat trimmed with real grey persian lamb with a matching hat.  It was fun just to examine the coat with its beautiful bound buttonholes.  The label read – Hollingsworth Regina Calgary.

The Sally Anne store had more furniture and sold brand new mattresses.  Both stores had a huge selection of  dishes and books and clothes

It was a great day and as retail therapy goes, cost very little money



  1. Great find Virginia, love the colour!
    I just want you to know I have just put the last coat of paint on my dining room chairs ..I must admit it was scary seeing them all grey, but now looking great with the white top coat and grey under tones.
    Now to reupholster the cushions one done five more to go. My first attempt of ever usuing the staple gun was while I watching the final game of the olympics and between Canada and the USA ended up in a stapled thigh,mine. Now that the olympics is over and the bruise on my thigh is gone I am ready finish the other cushions…lol
    I have almost used up all the paint you gave me thank you it went along way.


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