Toronto is a fabulous city.  It’s a city of ethnic neighborhoods vibrant with  regional foods and cafes.  A city of very old neighborhoods and ivy covered  buildings faded with age.  There are farmers markets and street entertainment, upscale restaurants and dingy but fascinating coffeehouses,  tiny funky bars with names like Sweaty Betty and Baby Huey, museums, art galleries and  boutiques.

Flowers from the country at a neighborhood farmers market.

Toronto is a great city for walking and investigating quaint streets and interesting doorways.

The St. Lawrence Market  is the cathedral of food.  And the early shopper always get the best cheese – and anything else.

Beloved  Daughter an I always stop at our favorite sushi place for lunch in the St. Lawrence Market.

We always buy fish from this smiling fish monger.

Food from everywhere in the world and the farmer in the next county at At Lawrence Market.

The Kensington Market is not for the faint of heart.   It’s  pungent with the smell of meat and poultry, vegetables and fruit, Asian restaurants and coffee-house .  It spills though narrow streets and between ancient buildings.  It is truly a street market in every sense of the word.  We love ambling through it.

And stopping for a chocolate cupcake lavished with ganache.

Or a gelato.

Beloved Daughter and I always find something to smile at when we explore Toronto.  I’ll be joining her for a few weeks.


3 thoughts on “SUMMER IN TORONTO

  1. Wow, I’ve never realised how interesting Toronto was – I always thought of it as just a bunch of big buildings and people running around like ants! Thanks for letting us in on some of it’s secrets:) I love the big door!

  2. I love reading your Blog and seeing the photos. Not as good as being right next door, but this will do for now. I miss you everyday.

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