I couldn’t sleep last night.  Instead of counting sheep I started making lists.  I love lists; ten best movies, ten best beaches, what’s in what’ s out, lists like that.   My newest list, barely ten hours old is TWELVE THINGS I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT.  I would love to read what’s on your list.  Just click on comments and list away.

My morning coffee, made in a Bodum single cup French Press.  I have one cup a day.

Soaking in my lavender-scented bath.

My Mother’s deep blue teapot.  It was a wedding present eighty-two years ago and one of the few things I have  of my Mother’s.

The far horizons from every window of my home; Mount Baker, Golden Ears, North Shore and Sunshine coast mountains and ships navigating the Fraser River.

Boxes and boxes of ivory candles.  I light  candles all  the time even in the daytime, a habit I developed while living in Amsterdam.  On a rainy day it chases the gloom away.

Always stacks and stacks of books and magazines on my bedside table.

My Canon digital camera.

The dozens of family photographs in every room.  I want my family and friends around me always.

My sewing machines;a fifty-three year old black mammoth of a Singer, and my slender white Elna

My chef’s knife.   It fit’s so perfectly into my hand it becomes an extension of me.  I’ve been known to take it with me when I am going to be cooking in someone else’s kitchen.

My secateurs and transplanting spade from Lee Valley  Tools (I guess that count’s as two)

An almost lifesize painting entitled The Anniversary by former artist-in-residence University of Regina Angela Sweetman



  1. My 12 faves are:
    ditto to the bodum….and really great coffee, I’m on a continual quest for the perfect bean.
    sitting in a cozy, bright and friendly cafe and watching people go by…anywhere, Toronto, Paris, Italy, New York ANYWHERE. I like to imagine peoples’ lives and what their stories are
    braised anything, especially osso buco
    a morning in pyjamas with my family with nothing to do and nowhere to go
    my allergy meds
    Jane Austen
    the ocean, watching it and being in it
    driving in my car
    sheets billowing in the wind and sun on a clothesline
    a woodfire.
    my Macbook

  2. Twelve things I can’t live without:

    1. a room lit by candles,

    2. my library and the books therein,

    3. my treasures with a past: books, letters,
    furniture, objects etc.

    4. exquisitely painted mirror by Meece,

    5. collection of seashells and beach glass,

    6. marble bust of madonna

    7. being on, in or under water,

    8. the wooden angel given me by my mom,

    9. flannel jammies,

    10.painting of two exotic birds,

    11.taking in the scent of sweet grass mixed with salt
    air while combing a beach,

    12.good music

  3. I figure you have a dozen extra things I can’t live without. All are wonderful. I remember being with you when you bought the exotic bird picture from a woman call Wim.

  4. I, too, remember buying that exotic bird painting; how I dithered. Then finally thought of monthly payments….what a great concept. Needless to say, whenever I look at it I recall that wonderful day, so many years ago, when we walked arm in arm as we scoured the antique stores on Main Street. It was such a fun day……let’s do it again.

    It was nice to read about Pat’s love of sheets billowing in the wind; brought back memories of my youth, and mom’s use of a clothes line. To this day I love the scent of a freshly air dried sheet.

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