Living beautifully is not just  about candles and flowers and linen napkins. It’s also about organizing and controlling clutter in your home.    When your closets and drawers are tidy you have peace of mind.    Your life is in order.  Don’t make it into a huge project.  Do a drawer or a cupboard one at a time.  Half an hour of organizing and you’ve completed a task.

Kitchen counters shouldn’t be where unread newspapers and magazines, unopened bills and junk mail land.   Deal with it every day.  Have a wastebasket by the front door.  Use it.

Don’t greet guests at the front door with every pair of shoes you’ve worn in the last month. If you must store them by   the front door find a low cupboard with doors and hide them.  Put a pillow on top of the cupboard and you have a place to sit to take off outdoor shoes.

It’s little details  like clutter that take away from all the good things you do in your home.

There are dozens and dozens of cleaning products on the market.  Many of them are harmful to our environment and you and your family.  And they are expensive.  Chic and cheap is a good to keep in mind.   I use just five products, spending almost nothing and my house is safely clean. 

The five most harmful products you can use – especially if you have small children, pets or are immune compromised are;  Toilet bowl cleaners (this is considered most harmful), chlorine bleach, dishwasher soap,  glass cleaners,  fabric softners and plug-in room deoderizers. Let’s add  everyone we love to those who need to be protected from toxic products.  There are safe and economical alternatives. Read about them in my column to the right.  Let’s make our planet a better place to live beautifully.

I am looking forward to your hints and suggestions on “live clean live green”.



  1. I am changing today. I saw 7th Generation detergent at the supermarket and that’s what I am using for my dishes. I have a question. If I shouldn’t use fabric softner what do I do about static clean.
    Dolly P

  2. You Have two choices Dolly P. Take your clothes out of the dryer while still slightly damp. Or, put a half a cup of vinegar in the rinse cycle of your washing machine

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