Yesterday we purchased peaches and cream corn from the farmers market in Liberty Villiage.  They had been picked early that morning. The cobs were plump with fat kernels .  The husks were fresh green and the corn silk wispy and delicate.    Definitely fresh corn.

Corn on the cob takes from thirty  seconds to one minute to cook.  You are actually warming the kernels.  Fresh kernels of cob are so tender you can scrape them off the cob and make wonderful salads and salsa with them.  Use the largest stock part you own and fill with water.  DO NO ADD SALT   DO NOT ADD MILK  When the water comes to the boil add the cobs of corn – one for each person.   And cook for thirty seconds to one minute.  Any one for seconds –  repeat the performance.  That’s how you cook the perfect ear of cook.


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