YELLOW PEA AND COCONUT MILK SOUP  (with spinach, rice and spiced yogurt)

A few days ago it was summer and  I turned around and now it is fall.      I generally cook French or Italian food.  For me  these two cuisines are “the little black dresses” of good food.  But I also love the flavours and spices of Asia.    I  call them my jewelry.  These are the recipes that add a little sparkle to your table.    Cooler weather cries out for soup and here is a simple recipe that delivers big exotic flavours with-out having to resort to too many hard-to-find ingredients.  If you maintain a well-stocked pantry and spice cupboard you probably have almost everything you need to  to put this soup on the table tonight.    As usual my cooking companions the recipe is to the right.  Enjoy

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