This list is from  HOW NOT TO LOOK OLD:

This must-read book applies to ANY age.  There’s detailed information (I’ve learned the perfect width of boot-cut jeans and how never to put  make up on without first using primer) and it is good practical information.    After all, don’t we all want to look our very best all the time.


Gold hoop earrings

Diamond stud earrings

Classic watch with gold and silver chain links

Chunky mangle bracelets

Sleek black heels

Sparkly evening clutch

Quality leather bag for day

Quality tote bag for books, magazines and newspaper

Nude coloured heels (they make your legs look longer)

Black and brown knee-high boots

Black and brown-heeled shoe booties

Black, brown, navy and gray opaque tights

Black brown, good, and silver belts

Chunky-chain necklaces

And now for a list of clothes that gotta go.

Clothes on this list will date you and make you look old.  Don’t even think about keeping them for stay-around-the-house days.  You don’t want to be caught in them if the Fed Ex guy rings your bell!  How fast can you get them out of your drawers and closets?

l. Holiday sweaters with bells and  appliques (reindeer, teddy bears, bumblebees,pumpkins)

2. Granny/mommy necklaces that tell how many grandchildren/children you have

3. Souvenir T-Shirts or T-Shirt with names of  bars or restaurants

4. T-Shirts with meant-to-be funny sayings

5. Overalls

6. Acid-washed jeans

7. Ripped jeans

8. Shoulder pads

9. Flannel shirts

10. Muumuus

11 Photo handbags (no matter how cute the kids!)

12 Flesh-coloured hose

13. Penny loafers

14. Oversized blazers

15. Mommy robes

16. Thin-gold-necklaces

17 Elastic-waist pants

18 Granny undies

19 Baggy sweats

20. Bearlike, full-length fur coats

21. Short shorts

22 Cargo pants (not only a dated look but horrors of horrors they make you look fat)

23 Stockings with reinforced toes

24. Three-piece suits with vests

25. Backpacks

Here’s a list of forbidden fashion items for every woman past the age of thirty who wants to look effortlessly chic and classy.

Ankle bracelets    Belly necklaces    Body piercing    Boy shorts    Collegiate sweats,     T-Shirts and caps   Colored cowboy boots      Crocs (out of the garden) don’t even think of it      Daisy dukes      Earmuffs      Ear piercing in multiples       Flip-flops in the city      Go-go boots      Leg warmers      Microminidresses      Microminiskirts      Mittens       Nameplate necklaces      Newsboy caps       Scrunchies        Super-low-riding jeans   Tattoos   Tie-die anything      Tights in neon colours        Toe rings      Tube tops (as stand-alone)

Another piece of good advice from this must-read book  DON’T BUY IT YOU DON’T LOVE IT.  AND LOVE IT ONLY IF IT FLATTERS YOU!    You don’t need another piece of clothing in your closet taking up valuable real estate.



  1. I laughed my head off at No. 1 no no. I’ll never forget going in to play bridge in a room full of about 150 women just before Christmas, and horrors, each and every one was wearing a red or green themed Christmas sweater!!!! as you described above. I cast a glance around the room (I was all in black!) and backed out carefully and quietly before the reindeer and snowmen stampeded!!!

    OOPs….too bad about 17

    No. 18……EVERY SINGLE ONE of my undies magically became ‘Granny’ ones the day before yesterday!!!! Her name is Louise Lyla. Dark haired princess warrior.

    Off to buy gold hoop earrings tomorrow.

    Love this list.

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