There is a lovely  man in our village who sells dahlias.  In the spring he sells dahlia tubers and in the fall he shares his blooms to those fortunate to pass by.  It’s not a road I frequent so my gardening buddy  delivers to me the most dazzling of dahlias.

In my kitchen dahlias capture sunshine and make me smile.

More sunshine, more smiles, more dahlias.

There’s a shade of orange I call Hermes Orange.    It’s in these dahlia blooms.   I think it picks up the Hermes Orange in the slipcovers.    It’s a happy colour, and that’s important in my life.  The most humble flowers from the garden are lovelier than the most expensive florist bouquets.    (Well, that’s what I think and you all know I am very opinionated.)


2 thoughts on “SUNSHINE DAHLIAS

  1. Ms.V

    Love the images and yes very Hermes… The first image you have done a wonderful job styling it I love it. If you added a painted effect in photoshop and printed on canvas it would be a wow..

    Love Amy

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