Summer, my next-door-neighbor

Summer’s paddock is a few feet from my bedroom window.

Everyone should have a beautiful lady like Summer greeting the morning with a  gentle whinny and a few quite snorts.  She hears me speaking and is coaxing me to come out the talk to her.  How can I resist.

I keep a bag of carrots and apples, treats for this elegant lady.

The best part of having Summer next door.  We get to horse-sit when her girl (the girl with the seven-league  boots) goes away.  Then horse wrangler Husband puts the halter on her,  and takes her from her stable to the field outside my bedroom window.

Horse sitting is a little more demanding than cat sitting.  (We do a lot of cat sitting).  For one thing the litter box is quite a bit larger.  That’s Husband’s job.  My  job is giving her flakes of hay, her oats and of course treats.  Summer watches everything.

Summer in her summer whites.  Her coat keeps the flies off her.      Summer has a muzzle like velvet.  Rubbing her nose makes her as happy  it makes me.   We love horse-sitting Summer.


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