Books are a major part of my life .  Have been since the day I first learned to read those silly Dick and Jane books in grade one.  I vividly remember how insulted I felt reading the simplistic words.  “See Jane run.  Run Jane run. ”    It wasn’t how it was supposed to be.  That couldn’t be reading.  I got over that.    And I finally did learn to read real books and it was how I always knew it would be, magic.

The magic has never changed.  Books surround me.  I escape into books.  I travel, meet amazing people.  I lead other lives.  How can you not believe in magic when a book can accomplish this.

All this is leading up to a book I am reading.  I’ve curled up in front of the fire.  The snow is falling and I am in the fictional village of Three Pines, Quebec.    I am reading Louise Penny’s Dead Cold.      It’s  a beautifully written detective novel with fascinating and beautifully sketched characters.    The protagonist is Chief Inspector Armand Gamache.    Unlike most lead characters in detective novels he is not a hard, jaded, tough cop.  This is a man it would be a pleasure to meet.

Louise Penny is a Canadian writer and she knows Canadian winters.   She is a sensitive, thoughtful writer.  When she writes about Three Pines you are living in that fairy tale village.

Even if you can’t read her consecutively (her first book is Still Life) pick up any of her books.  You won’t be disappointed, and may even want to move Three Pines.


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