Next week my brother and I are traveling to our hometown, Prince Albert.   It’s a surprise visit for my sister Mona.  On December 2nd Mona turns Eighty.    Hard to believe because this amazing woman is so active.  Twice weekly she does aqua exercises at the local pool.  Several times a week she plays a mean game of bridge.  Summers at Waskesui  she and her husband (who is 87 years old) paddle their canoe on that beautiful lake.  Mona maintains a gorgeous, big garden.    Mona is always on the move.

If I’m traveling to Prince Albert I will come bearing gifts.  Tonight I am wrapping them in fabric.  My version of furoshiki.    There’s both December  birthday gifts and Christmas gifts,  so I rooted  through my fabric bins to find anything red.   Fabric is like paper and unlike paper it is also a useful gift in itself.  You know my saying,recycle,  reinvent, reuse but never repent.

This is a clever way to make your gifts as beautiful on the outside as on the inside.  I pick up fabric remnants at fabric stores and thrift shops.  If you live in Toronto,  Queen Street West is the mother lode for sewers and a fabulous place to find the funky fabrics to wrap gifts.

Use an upholstery needle to baste the fabric in place, or tie the fabric in the traditional Japanese way.

I used l6 inch fabric sample squares to wrap these gifts.  The edges were already serged.   If you don’t have a sewing machine you can “pink” the edges or just leave them to the fray a little.  Check thrift shops and charity stores for beautiful silk scarves.  They make elegant gift wrapping.  Linen tea  towels and vintage damask napkins are great to wrap up gifts from the kitchen.    Make your own ribbon, too.  Cut narrow strips of fabric and deliberately fray the edges.  Listen to your favorite Christmas CD’s and start creating.


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