We buy our Christmas tree in our charming village of Ladner.   For a few short weeks a vacant lot is turned into a Christmas Tree  wonderland.  The ground is covered with cedar chips, the trees create a forest, and one can wander up and down the rows admiring and choosing the  perfect tree.

We normally buy a nine foot tree, but this year I wanted a small tree.    The one we chose looked rather like a ballerina, slender on top with bouffant branches for the skirt.  Perfect!

Well, maybe not perfect, but every tree should be loved, and with  lights and some glitter this tree will be beautiful.

The lights help bring the branches down.   Now to decorate.

Ours is a Christmas tree of memories.   The tree is graced with decorations collected over decades of Christmases  .  This celluloid doll, Hansel, adorned our Christmas Tree when I was a child.  He has a sister, Gretal.    She is on my sister’s Christmas Tree in Prince Albert.  I think he misses her.

With each cherished decoration I hang on the tree, I am hanging a memory;    vintage decorations  from our darling Roxanne,  a Santa made in kindergarten  by our son  Callum,    whimsical carved animals from Biscuit,  a tiny  copper kettle from my Mom that hung on my very first Christmas more than fifty years ago.

The decorations are in place, and we are enjoying the evening.  Charlie Brown’s Christmas music floats through our home.  Baking husband is taking a tray  of mince tarts out of the oven.  The tree of memories is finished.


  1. At this point it is only via photos that I can tell this tree is just as magical as always.

    On Monday I get to see for myself, and I know I will not be disappointed.

    Larry will have to make the mince tarts again because I am bringing champers which tends to make a wonderful pairing. We will exchange gifts and talk until the wee hours that have now become a little earlier that before

    Merry Christmas to you, my dear friends, and to all the readers of this wonderful blog.

    I will be back to tell you all about being there.



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