A CHRISTMAS ROSE …. one last gift from Princess Beatrice

A few weeks ago we shivered in bitter minus ten below weather, and we experienced bone-chilling wind.   To protect our potted beautiful David Austin Princess Beatrice  rose we moved it into the garage.    This morning I was thrilled to discovered Princess Beatrice had managed one last rose of the year.    This is a Christmas Rose.

My blog stats show when you  visit Bel’Occhio.    And because many of you click on comments, and write to me, I  know who you are.  I love reading your comments, and when I am writing away I think of  Cait, Andrew and Pat in Toronto, or Patricia in Quebec,  or my blog reader in Holland or South Africa.  Then there’s Biscuit in West Vancouver, Donna in the Interior, Amy May on the Island,  sister Heather in Prince Albert, Ping in Thailand.  I hold you all close to my heart.   But I don’t know the  hundreds of others who are sharing my life through my blog. I would love to hear from you,   just a line would light up my life.

A happy Christmas to you all.


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