Laduree is the quintessential French Patisserie.    The elegant and grand interior,  the salon de the, and their  famous macarons  this is the stuff of sugar dreams.

Laduree’s artistic shop window displays,  showcasing bright piled-high macaron cakes,  stops you in your tracks.

When our son and his wife visited Paris I asked them to bring me back just one thing, macarons from Laduree.    I rationed them out but alas they quickly became sweet memories.

Callum decided for Christmas he would recreate Laduree’s macarons , and gift friends and family with the sweet treats.  He spent hours researching recipes and downloading, in French, entire cookbooks on macarons.    Then he spent one long week making batch after batch of macarons, with their decadent buttercream fillings.

Then, pouf, they were gone.   With all the hurry and scurry of Christmas  before I could photograph them we had  devoured these marvelous morsels of sweetness.


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