A couple of weeks ago my dear friend Aimes decided we both needed a holiday.    Somewhere in the sun.   An adventure.   A Caribbean cruise.

Aimes is a professional photographer, and in another life a fashion stylist in the movie industry.  When she discovered a fabulous vintage  black sequin dress at a local thrift shop she decided it was the perfect “bling” outfit for me.   The combination of sequin dress AND jacket was dated.  We both agreed.  So I fashioned the dress into a skirt.  Easier said than done

Sewing sequins is an art.  At each seam the sequins most be clipped away.  I  cut the top of the dress off .    This Frank Usher creation was so beautifully and carefully sewn one could almost wear it inside out. Every seam was hand finished with tiny stitches.

Labour intensive I stitched and stitched.    The skirt was finished.  Fashionable once again.  Years past this dress had shimmered through parties, galas, nights at the opera.  Then for years it languished in the back of a closet.  Too many memories to be discarded.  Once again the little black dress was going to dance to Frank Sinatra  under a tropical moon   and enjoy fabulous  memories.

Funky, fashionable and fabulous  the reincarnation of my little black dress.



  1. I’d love to see this on you! I can’t believe all the work that went into that and the fact that you KNEW how to do it!
    wow….have a great time on your cruise!

  2. Ms V.

    You are ever so clever!!!!

    The out fit will look even ten times more amazing on you with your great legs…

    I can’t wait to show you off!!!

    Love A

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