The other day  I wrote about the Robin who has been pecking at our windows.  The mystery of why Robin has been tapping at our windows for the last ten days, was solved today.    This morning, bright and early, you know how birds are, Robin tapped at  our window.  No easy task for him. Today  his beak carried bits of grass and twigs.   I am sorry Robin, but you cannot build your nest in our family room.  I know it looks safe, warm and probably entertaining, but we are not sharing our home with you.

When we were very small my Mother  practiced a rite of spring.  We collected odd bits of brightly coloured yarn, and hung the wool on the tree outside our kitchen.  Today I will festoon the dogwood outside our window with yarn.  I think this Robin is a very creative robin, with an interest in interior decorating.  He can use the wool when he makes his nest, but outside!


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