One by one Oswald lit the beeswax candles.  It was dark as midnight in the burrows.   Candles flickered,  reflected in the  elaborate Venetian mirror.     No ordinary mirror.  It had been made by Venetian rabbits, and presented to him on his “coming of age”.   Looking in the mirror Oswald could see  a reflection of all he would become.   The mirror showed him the path his life must take.

“It is November, time to travel to Venice”,  he thought.  Oswald preferred Venice in November.  He didn’t mind the high water in the streets.  The rain discouraged visitors.    Oswald reached for his  coat,  slipped the watch into the magic pocket.

He was standing  outside the church San Zaccaria.  Just time to catch the last  vaporetti to the island  of Murano.    What was to be done could only be accomplished in the greatest secrecy, in the darkest hours, in the dead of night.   The Venetian rabbit’ s powerful lungs enabled them to use the ancient  method to create a hand-blown mirror.  It was a coming of age mirror for Oswald’s sister, Mahitabel.

In the light from the fiery  furnaces Oswald  held the finished  mirror.   The reflection of a life to be.  This was to be Mahitabe’ls life.    Carefully he put the mirror into the large coat pocket.  Then his watch into the other.

He was safely back in his  burrow.  He wiggled his toes, sighed, happy to be home warm and safe.  He lit the candles and began to make a list.  After November comes December and his Winter Solstice party.  Time to start planning.


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