Paris is known as the city of light.  The Eiffel Tower has over 20,000 flashing lights that dazzle for ten minutes every hour on the hour until one a.m.

The Parisians have a phase to describe little things “petit tresors”, which literally means “the small treasures of  life”.  Tomorrow my oldest and dearest of friends, Biscuit, leaves for Paris.    I wish her much “petit tresors”.  And Bon Voyage.


4 thoughts on “PARIS … CITY OF LIGHT

    • Hi Tracy in London
      A beautiful photograph of you. Thank you for your comment. My daughter and I spent April in Paris a few years ago. It is a precious memory for me. Cheers Virginia

  1. My dear Meece,

    How thoughtful of you to leave a send-off on your blog; I loved the photo which will soon be a reality for me which is still difficult to believe at this late hour.

    You are my petit tresor….

    Your Biscuit


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