It’s three weeks today and we still have a pair of robins attempting to  build a nest inside  our home.    We seemed to have developed a relationship with these two determined birds.   Perfect Husband has given them names, Baskin the male, and Mrs. Pecky, his mate.    They perch at the windows, grass trailing from their beaks, and stare at us.  They no longer fly away when we come to the windows.  They are so determined to get into our home they have taken to checking and pecking at all the windows.

Baskin Robin did start at nest a few feet from their favorite  window, but his heart just wasn ‘t in it.   It takes two robins to build a nest.  Think of the discussions on interior design.  Then what colour mud.  Hay or grass.  Building a new nest is a project.  You can see this nest simply needs a woman’s touch.  It is so untidy!

Baskin even stockpiled dried grass below the nest.   Mrs. Pecky ignored it and him, and simply stared through our windows, wisps of hay hanging from her beak.    We know she is running out of time.   I repeat.  Robins are not building a nest in our house!


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