Our perfect guest arrived two weeks ago.  A black vehicle, with tinted windows, drew up to the door.  The driver silently unloaded various boxes and cases, and then very carefully helped our guest into the house.  Our Perfect Guest, a very picky eater, had brought her own food.  She is particular about where she sleeps and had actually considered bringing her own bed.  Too much, she decided.

It has been a quiet two weeks.  Our Perfect Guest doesn’t care much for idle conversation.  She needed to rest.  Commercial plane travelling was so tiring. and most hotels were too noisy.  The quiet country life  was the cat’s meow.

We don’t see much of our guest.  She discovered my bedroom was well stocked with novels.  French novels, Flaubert and Balzac  no less.  She loves the smell of old books.  Phoebe, our guest is very much a “blue stocking”.

chut… Phoebe dort …

(Hush … Phoebe sleeps…)


2 thoughts on “THE PERFECT GUEST

    • I am pampering Phoebe. She has her own pillow (beside mine) and sleeps with me at night. It is lovely to wake and hear her gently purring. She is so happy.

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