PETIT TRESORS.. the small teasures of life, brown eggs in a blue bowl

The name of my blog is BEL’OCCHIO,  Italian for “the beautiful eye”.  To have “the beautiful eye” is to see  beauty in the common, every day things that surround us.  It requires us to pay attention.  To look for beauty  in the simplest of things.  I open the refrigerator many times during the day.  Sometimes I have a tiny bud vase with one perfect flower tucked away beside the milk.

Today two dozen lovely brown eggs were delivered to my door.  The Rhode Island Reds on the Home Farm have started laying.   They’re new hens so the first eggs were a little small, but received with great joy.  I put them in a blue bowl and they are the first thing I see when I open the refrigerator.  Petit Tresors (the small treasures of life) indeed.  Brown eggs in a blue bowl – Bel O’cchio.


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