The April morning is bright but cold.   Two pair of woolen socks inside gum boots.  A couple of battered tin buckets filled with seed potatoes.  I’m helping in the garden.  The spade goes in deep.  I drop in a potato.  Dad pulls out the spade.  Done.  It’s a two-man job.  Our vegetable garden is fifty feet wide and three short city blocks long.    We will  grow enough vegetables to last until the following year.


More than sixty years later I am digging in Yukon Yellow Golds, planting  rows of lettuce, carrots, beans, beets, radishes, onions.   It is such a joy to work in the garden.

It’s a shared new  garden.  My Good Neighbor did the hardest part – digging, tilling, loading it with manure.  We will share the bounty.

This morning I choose two jewel-like heads of red and green lettuce for my neighbor  Angela’s supper table.  Bon Appetit.


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