Inspiration for this look come from two of my favorite books CREATING THE FRENCH LOOK by Annie Sloan

and FRENCH HOME by Josephine Ryan.  If you love all things French these books are filled with inspirational ideas  for your home.

I didn’t pay more than a dollar for any if these objects.  Some of the candlesticks were  composite wood  and others were brass.  The kind you see everywhere imported from  India.  The little quail was brass and the little bird  and b owl some kind of metal.

I made myself a spray box out of a good-sized cardboard box.  I had the garage doors open and wore a mask.   I spayed everything with gray metal primer spray.  I did several very light sprays (no drips that way).  Let the items dry completely (doesn’t take long).

When your objects are completely dry you paint them with white flat water based paint.  You can use white wall paint or acrylic craft paint in small containers.  You don’t need much paint so if you’re buying the white paint I would  shop at Michael’s for craft paint.  Some Dollar stores carry craft products if that is more convenient.   As soon as you put the white paint on you start wiping it off with an old t-shirt.  Wipe off as little or as much as you want.      Let dry completely and that’s it!

The mirror in the background was another Thrift shop find.  You see them frequently.  Mirrors sprayed gold and looking cheap and garish.  I used the same process.  I removed the mirror then sprayed the frame gray and brushed  and rubbed it with white acrylic paint.  I have done several mirrors this way including a mirror frame made with a type of plaster.  It works every time.   The gray spray primer paint gets into all the intricate scrolls.  So don’t pass up those dated gold mirrors.  Make it look better my way.


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