My very good friend,  Dellis and I, mount weekly expeditions around the lower Mainland.  We check out ethnic grocery stores,  thrift shops, restaurants, cafes,  and explore interesting  shops.   Last week driving through a residential area I spotted two chairs.  FREE said the sign on chairs.  No parking said the sign on the road.  Dellis whipped around the corner.  I jumped out of the car and came back with these two chairs.  I just knew I could do something with them.  We both smiled.  We had had an adventure.



I removed the canvas seats.  I’ll use them to make a pattern using heavy white denim fabric.  I sanded the metal legs to remove rust marks and give my paint some tooth.  Then I wiped all the surfaces with a  white vinegar and water.



When the chairs were dry I spray painted them with white primer.  I did several very light coats and let them dry well in between spray coats.  I protected the area with a large cardboard box , wore a mask, and had the garage doors open.


I let the primer dry overnight and then finished the chairs with several very light coats of flat white spray paint.    The white denim seats completed the look.   My front garden is taking on a sophisticated French Look.  Now to put it all together.



    • You’re money ahead … the “stuff” is better … and you’re having fun. Pity the poor people who have to go and buy regular retail. Keep up the good work Greg!

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