ROAST POTATO SALAD .. perfect for a July lst Canada Day Barbecue

Canada Day was glorious.  Sunshine, sunshine and more sunshine.  A perfect day for a family barbecue.

My two young nephews  ( six and seven years old)  asked for hot dogs.  Instead of cooking their hotdogs on the barbecue  we surprised them with a wiener roast.    More fun for the kids to cook their wieners over a real fire,  and a delight for the adults  to watch.  For the adults it was burgers, corn on the cob and a really different take on potato salad.  Roasting the potatoes brings out their sweetness .  The sharp flavours of capers, mustard and vinegar really perk them up

ROAST POTATO SALAD  (serves four)

4-5 thick bacon slices

20 or so baby red or white potatoes

a sprinkle or two of salt and  a generous grind of black pepper

a handful of flat-leaf parsley leaves

A big handful of fresh dill fronds if you have any

A few heaping spoonfuls of capers(your choice of spoon size)
A big spoonful of grainy mustard

A splash of red wine vinegar

And another splash of balsamic vinegar

Now let’s start cooking.

Cut the bacon slices crosswise into thin pieces.  Toss them into a large saute pan, add a splash of water and begin heating the works over medium-high heat.  When the water evaporates and the bacon begins to brown, turn the heat down a notch and continue cooking until it’s all nice and crisp.  Strain and reserve the fat. (By adding water to the raw bacon you’re less likely to burn it, as it gradually releases its fat and browns evenly. )

Meanwhile preheat your oven to 400F (200C).  Cut the potatoes in half.  Toss them with the bacon fat and salt and pepper, then roast them until they’re tender and golden brown, about 40 minutes.  Shake the pan occasional so the potatoes brown evenly on all sides. Cool to room temperature.

Toss the potatoes with the remaining ingredients.  Serve right away or refrigerate and safe for later.  This salad is excellent when it’s made the night before the party.


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