We shall find peace,

We shall hear the angels,

We shall see the sky

sparkling with diamonds.



Last night torrential rains thundered through my garden.  I gathered the wayward pieces  of the sky.   Their incredible blue fills my room and feeds my soul.



Flowers from my garden, Sunday July l7th 2011


3 thoughts on “WE SHALL SEE THE SKY … CHEKOV

    • My darling Pat, I love music! Music that feeds my soul. Music that makes me want to dance. I’m mad for opera and listen to Gournod’s Faust with the libratto in front of me. I dance around the house singing with Willie Nelson, Patsy Cline. Cecelia Bartoli makes my heart beat faster. I get a kick out of Lady Gaga. What’s not to love about MUSIC. Fado, takes my breath away. Don’t get me started on music.
      Tell me, what makes you want to dance?

  1. Beach Boys.
    Anything beatles
    Jersey Boys
    mamas and the pappas
    Elton John
    Joanie Mitchell
    like some opera, agree with Ceceilia Bartoli
    Patsy Cline too
    Just listening to Libera, ANGEL VOICES (boys choir) so sweet, made me think of them when I read your post about ‘we shall hear angels’ this morning. But don’t dance to it, rocks me!!!

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