A BLESSED EVENT … the arrival of the baby robins

Mrs. Pecky and Baskin Robin announce the arrival of several hatchlings.    A joyous event for everyone.  Especially Good Husband and myself.  A couple of months ago  the parents wanted desperately to come into our home and build their nest.  Resigned they flew away and built a nest in a nearby tree.   Those  hatch-lings have now flown the nest.

The process is starting  over again. A few weeks ago they started pecking again at the window.  Once again we convinced them it wasn’t going to happen.  They found a safe haven under the roof of the patio, secure on  top of  a birdcage.  We barbecue, we garden, we  drink our tea.  We stay out of the flight path of robins bearing food.  Mrs. P. watches  from her nest.  She feels safe and secure.   She trusts us. They’ll raise this family under our caring eyes.


2 thoughts on “A BLESSED EVENT … the arrival of the baby robins

  1. I am happy to introduce myself, your site sent to me Via Canada your friend Jill!!
    I am going to enjoy your postings and getting to know you better.

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