THE PERFECT POT HOLDER … (the one the chef’s use)

The Good Husband and the perfect pot holder…the side towel.

The perfect pot holder is not  thick and unwieldy.  It is not made of “miracle” fabric.  It is not an awkward oven mitt.  The perfect pot holder as every  chef knows, is the carefully folded towel hanging at his side.  It’s always at hand.  It’s versatile.  It’s a pan grabbing, herb drying, cleaning machine.  You can fold and refold it to suit your needs.   Do as the professionals and use your kitchen towel.  Just remember to fold it enough  to protect yourself from hot pans.

This is what I do when my beautiful linen towels are worn beyond repair.  I turn them into permanent pot-holders.  They wash and dry beautifully.  And I am recycling and reusing my kitchen towels.

Fold the towel  in half twice and sew long the open edge.

Beautiful linen is one of my weakness.   I have elegant towels I brought home from Paris, but these classic white linen towels, with the deep blue stripe, are still my favorite.    Now I have extended their life.  The side towel, the real kitchen essential


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