I devour cookbooks the way some people crave chocolate.  I read them through cover to cover,  marking recipes I find interesting with sticky notes.  If at the end of reading the cookbook bristles with notes then I know I  have found another wonderful cookbook.



I’m a big fan of Patricia Wells.  Her SALAD AS A MEAL  is the definitive guide to creating delicious and hearty salads for any occasion.  It has more than 150 recipes and gorgeous colour photographs.   It’s how we want to eat today.


My friend Angela, introduced me to MENNONITE GIRLS CAN COOK.  You will love reading and cooking from this book.  What’s not to love about a cookbook that has a recipe for Butter  Soup and Pluckets(pull-a-part bread), Pfeffernuesse (peppernut cookies) and Tee Gebaeck (Linzer cookies).   This cookbook is all about cooking from the heart.  It is straight forward and honest.  You will smudge the pages with butter and cinnamon, and your family will love you for it.    Get out your apron and start cooking memories.

You’ll love their blog too.  Go to


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