My twenty year old wicker furniture was looking sad and sorry.   It needed a quick fix.   This is how I did it.

The chairs were in pretty good nick but the finish had worn away.  First aid in the form of several cans of Krylon spray primer (indoor-outdoor) was needed.

I made a spray booth from a large cardboard box.  You need to protect from over spray.    I sprayed in the garage with the doors open.  Choose a calm, warm day.  WEAR A MASK.  The trick to using spray paint is several  light coats.  Let it dry well as the wicker soaks up the paint.  I didn’t use anything other than the primer spray.    If the chairs need refreshing next season all it will take is another can  of spray paint.  It took four cans to spray two chairs and a small wicker table.  To protect my wicker furniture I don’t leave it out-doors in inclement weather.

To complete the French look I covered the cushions and pillow with out-door fabric I found at my very favorite fabric store DESIGNER FABRICS, 1360 Queen Street West in Toronto.  Ooh la la!


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