This was the page from FRENCH HOME by Josephine Ryan that inspired the six candlesticks.

What you’ll need to create the painted look;  two or three or even four shades of acrylic craft  brown paint.  Choose colours ranging from warm brown to very pale honey.  To finish,  white flat acrylic wall paint (most of us have something like this hanging around) or buy Artists pigment white from the Craft Store.

I started with these white blanks.  You can probably find them at Michael’s or any craft store.

I also picked up this totally tacky and rather ugly candlesticks at my favorite Thrift Shop.  Just see, honey chile, what a little paint magic can do.

This is the first coat a nice warm brown acrylic craft paint.  Don’t worry if the candlesticks are not complete covered, my painting friends.    This is just the beginning.

Here’s the candlesticks tricked up with several different shades of brown.  See, I told you , you only have to brush the paint here and there, my darlings.

The finished candlesticks after the white paint treatment.    You absolutely must rub off the paint as you go along.  I found it easier to  paint part of the candlesticks, then rub the finish with the soft tee-shirt material.  this obliterates the brush marks and allows the different browns to show through.  If you are having a difficult time removing the white paint use a wet Tee-Shirt.   No no not the one your wore in the contest last night.    Ooo La La.  You have French style candlesticks.


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