The cover

The butterfly child had a dream.  She would be a butterfly

She dreamed she joined the circus.  She dreamt she dwelt in marble halls.

In her dreams she danced with gypsies.  She would be free as a butterfly.

What is a butterfly?

Folded pages holding butterfly cards.

Madam Butterfly.

I will not leave you alone.  (throws herself weeping at Butterfly’s feet)




  1. Love the butterflies!! I am so glad I stumbled upon your altered art journals…they are beautiful! I was actually trying to look for posts on refurbishing furniture, because I remember coming across a post you did awhile back…my husband and I want to re-do our entire bedroom set, and just looking for inspiration!

    • I’m happy you discovered my altered books. Anything to do with paper and books is my game. I often find books so decrepit the book stores are simply giving them away. I always take them home and have a little inexpensive fun. How exciting to be redecorating your bedroom. If you have a bedroom set you feel is dated, but still want to keep it try my method of refinishing furniture. Formally I would spend hours and hours on a piece of furniture. Then I discovered the method I write about and it has changed my creative life. I can paint a table early in the morning and practically use it the same day. Any questions please feel free to write me. V.

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