HYDRANGEAS AS CUTTING FLOWER … how to keep them ALL fresh!

This summer the  hydrangea have been a never-ending source of  blooms.  For months it has been  an explosive show of colour,  beginning with shades of  pink, then changing to mauves ,  purples and rust-tinged greens.

You cut the flowers, arrange them beautifully, then one of the little darlings droops its heavy head and sulks.

Poor baby.  This is how to prevent your hydrangea blooms from wilting.  Take a bucket of water out to the garden.  As you cut your flowers immediately plunge them into water.  Back in the kitchen boil up water and fill a one- cup measuring cup   with the boiling water.

If you need to trim the stems  do it now, preferably under water.    Now plunge the stems into the boiling water for 30 seconds, then into cool water. If you’ve cut the stems quite short wrap a tea towel around the flower heads to protect them from the steam.

Unlike most flower arrangements, hydrangea like lots of water.  Right up to what ever leaves you have left on.

If you have alum (used for pickling) in your kitchen cupboard you can simply dip the cut stem ends into the alum and then into your vase.

Flower pictures taken in my garden, at noon Wednesday Sept. 14, 2011


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