Regretfully I turn the last page in my book,  A TRICK OF THE LIGHT.  Once again Louise Penny has taken me to  the fictional Quebec Village of Three Pines.   For too  brief a while I was living in Three Pines.  Buying books from Myrna,  enjoying beef Bourgogne in the Bistro,   listening to Ruth the poet.

Louise Penny’s writes  mystery novels.  But the mystery becomes part of the background.  What captivates you is her exquisite touch with the characters who inhabit her novels.  We want to follow them.  We want to know them better.  And this is what she delivers.

I think a lot about Three Pines.  Regardless of the murders I want to live in Three Pines.   There can  be no higher praise.

2 thoughts on “”A TRICK OF THE LIGHT”

  1. Virginia, I’m sure that you’ve heard of the “Prey” Series by John Sandford. But if you haven’t read any, they’re very quick reads, good mysteries, and I love the quirky characters. BTW, the setting is Minnesota, so you can relate to the temps as well. His spin-off series with the character “Virgil Flowers” are also good. ~James

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