Living in the country is nothing short of wonderful.  But there are occasional inconveniences.  For over a week we were without internet.    I spent my time on a couple of do-it-yourself projects.



I had found this chandelier in our local Ladner Thrift Shop.  Although it sported lovely ivory shades, it was very dated.  But I knew what I could do with it.    Giving it a new finish took in total about an hour of so.  Then adorn it with  shades for a very French frou-frou look.  It will hang over the kitchen table.  Perhaps I’ll add some crystals.  We will see.



Cover any party of the lamp you don’t want to paint with masking tape.  Make yourself a spray booth with a large cardboard box.  This contains over-spray.   Work outside on a calm day, or in a garage with the doors open.  WEAR A MASK.  Absolutely.   Spray with several light coats of light gray primer to eliminate drips.    Wait a few minutes between spraying to allow the spray paint to dry slightly.  The paint will be fragile – dry to the touch but not set, so handle carefully.  Set somewhere to dry overnight, or for several hours.



Mix ordinary white flat wall paint about half and half with water.  Have several old pieces of t-shirt on hand.   Using a small brush paint one section of the lamp at a time, wait a couple of minutes, then start carefully wiping the paint away.  Allow it to collect in grooves and crevices.  Don’t wipe too hard or you could lift the primer paint.  If this happens don’t worry.  A tiny bit of something else showing on your light fixture just makes it look older.   Allow this to dry for a couple of hours.  Now remove your masking tape.



You can have a lot of fun with Paris Chandelier.

Drape it with swags of pearls.

Hang it with beautiful Christmas decorations.

Adorn it with crystal pendents.

Or leave elegantly plain

The Coco Chanel look.


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