THAI RED BEEF CURRY … a recipe you should have in your apron pocket

The first time I made this recipe it was so spectacularly delicious the entire dish was consumed by two people.  The Good Husband was even looking for more.  This recipe should absolutely be in your apron pocket.   You could simple stop at the curry paste and coconut milk, but the  grated lemon peel, ginger, fish sauce and brown sugar or honey gives the dish more layers of flavour.    It’s so easy why wouldn’t you go for the gusto.

Use this recipe as a blueprint for any Thai red curry  and experiment with different ingredients in place of the beef.  Boneless chicken or shrimp work well.  Do a mixture of  vegetables such as baby corn, eggplant,  green beans,  sweet potato and broccoli.

Buy the best quality brand of curry paste available, some are better than others.  If you find a good one, this will taste remarkably authentic.  Also buy the best  quality  coconut milk.  I like the organic brands.


THAI RED BEEF CURRY  serves 4   recipe at  Mrs Butterfingers


3 thoughts on “THAI RED BEEF CURRY … a recipe you should have in your apron pocket

  1. saw your recipe for Thai red curry with beef and I drooled. I prepared a feast of red Thai curry with – what else but – chicken for a crowd of Malaysians I had over for lunch. It is so easy to find the best and freshest coconut milk here – just go over to any shop and they grind it on the spot and extract the milk as well. But sadly – chicken is the only meat I would purchase here. And chicken is becoming very tiresome. The guests loved it though – and consumed the entire vat. I will be sure to try the beef when back on Canadian soil.

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