Recyle, reinvent, refurbish and save big bucks.  This elegant, French looking kitchen table was discovered at our local thrift shop. The wooden top (of short cut pine)  was battered and someone had rather roughly painted the legs and frame a vivid blue.  This is how I refurbished it.

A quick sanding,first with coarse, then with about a 200 sandpaper.  Then a good wipe down with a cloth dampened with straight white vinegar (to remove any greasy marks).

I used Benjamin Moore flat primer in Wedgwood Gray.  It is a blue-gray and I call it my go to Paris Gray paint, and I love using it on almost everything.

Turn the table upside down and paint the legs and the bottom of the table.   Remove the drawer and paint it inside and out.  Paint everything you can.  Let dry – it doesn’t take long.

Now turn it right side up.  Paint the top.   Let dry and cure according to the instructions on the primer paint can.  Then do the whole thing again.  Again let it dry and cure.

Take ordinary flat white wall paint and mix half and half with water.  Have a bunch of old tee shirts at the ready, and working on one section at a time brush on the  diluted white pan.  Immediately start wiping it off.  You just want to give it a whisper of white.  Leave a generous amount of white paint in the grooves.  Don’t worry about wiping too much paint off you can always repaint.

I thought a table as lovely as this deserved a glass pull.    Or, you could just paint the wooden pull the same as the table.

After the paint had dried I gave the top, sides and legs a coat of wax.  I used clear paste wax and applied it lightly.   Do a section at a time so you can polish the excess wax off easily.   Then waited a few minutes and gave it a good polish.  You still have the chalky French look but the wax protects the finish.  For extra shine you can put a second coat of wax on your table and leave it on over night.  In the morning give it a good rub and you’ll have a lovely finish.    If you want to age your table further you can go the next step and apply dark wax.  It will look scary at first – very dark.  But as you rub and polish it the wax mellows out.  The first coat of clear wax protects your paint finish from absorbing too much dark wax.    If you start this painting process first thing in the morning, you can have it finished by the end of the day.

I found this table at my local thrift shop but I could have bought an assemble yourself table exactly the same, at Home Depot or any big box store selling unpainted furniture.  These tables generally come with a top made with shortcuts of wood.  Since this doesn’t give you that classy French Look cheerfully paint the offending wood finish.

When you use a good quality tinted primer you can paint easily over most surfaces.  You’ll find unless the surface is very shiny (like laminate) you don’t have to do much sanding.   I painted an end table that had a laminate top and a wooden base.  The laminate was given a good roughing up using an electric hand sander and it took the primer paint beautifully

What are you waiting for.  Get painting.


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