I have this on going love affair with France and Paris.  Linens, pillow covers and other fabrics with vintage French graphics are rather pricy.     I stamped these fabrics myself.  It’s not difficult as long as you follow the instructions carefully.

I downloaded the graphics from THE GRAPHIC FAIRY, but you could use any black and white graphic.   THE GRAPHIC FAIRY has the instructions .  For these “grain sack” tea towels I cut up and sewed  vintage cotton sheets that had been languishing for years in my linen cupboard.

These elegant hand towels were made from a damask tablecloth that was terribly worn and unusable.    I cut out the least worn parts  (leaving in a few spots that had been hand-mended for a vintage effect), and sewed them into guest towels.    All these towels can take a lot of laundering without losing the graphics.

If you don’t have vintage cotton or linen sheets stored in your cupboard you can purchase  100% cotton fabric with a tight weave.  The process won’t work on coarse fabric, heavy canvas  or burlap.

Wouldn’t these tea towels, of fabric made into pillow covers, make wonderful and very personal Christmas Gifts.


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