CHRISTMAS ESSENCE … how to give your home the fragrance of Christmas

The days before Christmas should be long and lingering.  One needs to treasure the simple things.    Unpacking the boxes of Christmas ornaments and decorations in a leisurely manner.  Taking the time to enjoy treasured memories.  I still have the Santa my son made in kindergarten.  Battered and faded it always graces our tree front and centre.  I start  late in November putting out a few adornments at a time.  Today I unpacked my Santas.    They make me smile.   This is how you slow down in the days before December 25th. To make the house smell of Christmas preparations I am  simmering  all natural Christmas essence on the stove.  You’ ll love the fresh, crisp, spicy fragrance, and you probably have everything to create it right in your kitchen.


Chop the peel of a large orange and a large lemon.    Into a medium sized saucepan put the peel, plus 2 sticks of cinnamon broken, 12 whole cloves and 4 bay leaves.  Add 4 cups of water and bring to the boil.  Immediately reduce heat to a very slow simmer.  A word of caution, don’t let it simmer dry.  Just keep adding more water.


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