These tulips took my breath away.  Great masses of them in the wonderful reds and greens of Christmas.  I gathered an armful.  Time to continue my “slow Christmas”.  My method of enjoying every little bit of the season, without pressure.  These tulips would be my inspiration for dressing the living room for Christmas.

Warm wool throws on the sofas.

I rummage through my fabric samples searching for Christmas red.

Handel’s Messiah on the CD player .

Surrounded by piles of fabric I begin sewing cushions.

The colors of Christmas.

Lush silk flowers grace my desk.

There’s nothing glittery or shiny here.

It’s a room that is  warm and enveloping.

A room that says come, sit, stay awhile.

A room filled with pleasant memories of Christmas past.



  1. That sounds like such a beautiful way to celebrate Christmas! My goal this year is go go more slowly at Christmas as well. I can’t make everything that way, nor do I want to. But just doing little things like spreading out the Christmas decorating, using the crockpot more on busy nights, avoiding procrastination where it doesn’t need to be (!). That has helped some already.

    I love the colors of those tulips, would have never thought to get those in winter. You’ve just reminded me to turn on my “Quiet Christmas” file on my Window Media Player this afternoon 🙂

    Enjoy the Christmas season!


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