It makes my heart sing when I hear from you.   I love receiving comments and questions  from my blog friends.  This connection with like-minded people feeds my soul.

Over the weekend  I received two notes on BEL’OCCHIO.  The first one asking for help in making the sailor costumes for The Sound Of Music.  Earlier this year I sewed seven sailor suits for a high school production of this classic production.   I hope my suggestions will help Cathy of threebeesbuzzin.

The other comment was from Kathy Highcove.   Kathy shares my love for a favorite children’s book, Grannie’s Wonderful Chair by Francis Brown.   Seventy years later and I continue to reread this book.  When my friend Biscuit was ill in hospital I read it out loud to her.  It took her into a magical world.

Make my heart sing.  Share your stories with me.



  1. I love reading all of your blog write ups as it just brings me closer to you in thought. I have shared your blog with others. I can almost smell some of the things that you have shared with us.

    Christmas is just around the corner and hopefully we will get to have tea and a visit while I am there. I do hope Santa read your blog on the duck fat, what a gift to ask for.

    Love from your far away friend
    Donna Hall

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