Make your own gift tags and slow Christmas down.  You’ve wrapped your presents beautifully.  Now add gift tags you make yourself.

Most gift tags barely have room to write To and From.  Make your own tags and you can write poetry,  leave clues to contents,  or just have creative fun.

All you need is a scissors, white glue, a bit of glitter, and old Christmas cards.  Old magazines have a wealth of illustrations.  Just cut and glue away.  Check out the hobby section of your Dollar Store.  You’ll find stamps, stickers, dozens of things you can fix to your tags.  You will be limited only by your imagination.

Check out Staples.  A box of large tags is around $6 for 100 .  You can use them for place cards at your Christmas table.  To adorn birthday presents.    To label contents of baskets and drawers.  The sky is the limit.

It is better to have a slow Christmas.

To savour the moments.

To take time to enjoy your day.

To see life with “the beautiful eye”.

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