A VINTAGE TERRARIUM … a magic world

A few days before Christmas my friend Dellis and I were window shopping  in Kerrisdale,  a rather posh area of Vancouver.  We strolled along, popping into first one shop and then another.  Just looking.  Enjoying the moment.  Then great excitement.  We were outside a Thrift Store.    One I had never been in.

The thrill of the hunt.  This was better than all the exclusive shops on the street. We passed by the Christmas decorations – bargain priced but of no interest.  Then we spotted it.  Buried behind stacks of dishes and cups.  A terrarium.  Not just any terrarium, but an extremely heavy vintage terrarium.  It was missing its base.  No worries there,  I knew I could find something to replace the base.  I had been looking for an old terrarium for years.  What a fabulous discovery.

This morning I filled it with miniature irises and crocuses.

A tiny world of spring flowers, a sweet rabbit and a beautiful butterfly.

My magic world.


2 thoughts on “A VINTAGE TERRARIUM … a magic world

    • Dear Timelesslady in New Jersy.
      I am having so much fun with this terrarium. The plants outgrew it so now I have two fake birds and a bit of Spanish Moss in it. Who knows what will inhabit this tiny world next.

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