It seems to many of us that as time goes by we start forgetting things.  Some say it is because we are getting older.  I don’t agree.  I think it is because we have more things to remember.Important things like the paint formula for the living room.  Or how many  pounds in a stone (14).

There are those sad souls who think once you past sixty years, or in my case seventy, you should forget birthdays.  Absolutely not.   They should be celebrated and in the best way possible.

I made this card for my dear friend Biscuit, after the following phone call.

“What day does your birthday fall on?” I asked.

“I don’t remember”, she replied.

“Never mind”, I said.

“We’ll have champagne”, was her answer

So I created a card with these two naughty and forgetful ladies planning a champagne birthday party.  They aren’t concerned about the day.  Any day with champagne is a celebration.

(I found this charming graphic for this birthday card on The Graphic Fairy.  A little water color paint, a splash of gold glitter, and a couple of feathers  and  a birthday card is created)


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