I have been in Montreal for the past week.  I’ve been wandering the narrow streets near the Jacques Cartier Bridge, the blue-collar area of east end Montreal.    Charles the Bold, a novel by Canadian writer Yves Beauchemin, has taken me on a literary journey I didn’t want to end.

Charles the Bold is the compelling story about a boy growing up against a backdrop of political events in Quebec.  Deep into the night I followed Charles Thibodeau from his birth in l966 until he reached high school.  I didn’t want to leave Charles.  I loved his charm, his intelligence and his courage.

Happily I didn’t have to say goodby to Charles.  Our Ladner Library had volume two The years of Fire and volume three A Very Bold Leap.    Today I have started A Very Bold Leap.  I am trying to read slowly.  To stay with Charles, to walk with him through the streets of Montreal.


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